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Friday, March 11, 2016

ACE Group: More than 20000 people worldwide are employed

ACE Group is one of the world’s largest property and casualty insurance service providers in the world. ACE Group has extended its business operations in 54 countries. It actively provides property and casualty insurance coverage, personal & supplemental health insurance coverage, reinsurance, and life insurance to a group of client. 34 founding sponsors in 1985 established ACE Group. Since then, ACE Group has evolved as a publicly traded global insurance company and one of the leading providers of the property and casualty insurance coverage.
In 1986, ACE Bermuda Insurance Ltd. hired 11 employees and opened its first office at Hamilton, Bermuda. In 1990, ACE built its first building at Hamilton and introduced the company logo for the first time. In 1996, ACE Ltd. acquired the Tempest Reinsurance Company Ltd. and London-based Lloyd’s managing agencies. Similarly, ACE Limited continued to acquire series of other companies and build its strong platform with the flow of time. Recently, in Jan 14, 2016 it acquired Chubb Corporation. ACE Group in the United States offers variety of insurance products and services to individuals, families, and business houses.
The ACE Group is one of the largest providers of commercial and personal property and casualty insurance coverage and reinsurance with more than $23 billion of gross written premiums and $98 billion of assets. ACE Limited, the parent company of ACE Group is listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ACE). ACE Group has its executive office at Bermuda, Zurich, and New York. More than 20000 people worldwide are employed at ACE Group.
Company Details:
Company Name                      : ACE Group
Service                                    : Insurance Service
Founded                                  : 1985 A.D
Headquarter in America         : 1133 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036
Website/URL                          :

Management Team:
John Lupica                                                      Juan Andrade
Vice Chairman, ACE Group                                        Executive Vice President, ACE Group
Chairman, Insurance-North America                           Chief Operating Officer, ACE Overseas General

Brad Bennett                                                                    David Charlton
Senior Vice President, ACE Group                              President, Specialty & Micro Products
President, Combined Insurance

Michael Coleman                                                           Bruce Kessler
President, Rain and Hail                                                Senior Vice president, ACE Group
                                                                                       Division President, ACE Westchester

David Lupica                                                    Chris Maleno
Division President, ACE Commercial Risk Service     Senior Vice President, ACE Group
                                                                                       Division President, ACE USA

Michael O’Donnell                                           Joe Vasquez
Division President, ACE Tempest Re USA                  Division President, ESIS

Jim Williamson
Division President, ACE Private Risk Service

Insurance Products:
Insurance for Individual and families:
ACE Group provides a broad range of insurance coverage products directly or through the sponsors in the selected regions of the world to its valued customers. Some insurance products for individuals and families can be listed as below:
Accidental Death Insurance                                       Automobile Insurance
Identity Theft Protection                                            Income Protection
Income Protection                                                       Prescription Drug
Life Insurance Protection and Savings Products        Recreational Marine
Supplemental Medical Insurance                                Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Travel Accident and Vacation Insurance                   Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance
Traditional Life Insurance Protection, Investment, and Savings products
Personal Liability for Property Owners, Landlords, and Tenants
Residential Products for Home and Personal Belongings  
Coverage for mobile phones, laptops, computers, and other small electronics  

Business Insurance:
ACE Group provides insurance coverage to diverse range of business clients directly or through the sponsors in the selected regions of the world to its valued customers. Some business insurance products provided by ACE Groups can be listed as below:
·         Property and Casualty Insurance:

ACE Group has a network of underwritings, claims solving, and risk control professionals that works to help business clients of all kinds to reduce and mitigate the loss.

·         Accident and Health Insurance:
ACE Group works with the employers, financial institutions, affinity groups, and other organizations to deliver effectively the supplemental health insurance coverage and personal accident insurance coverage to their members, employees and customers. 

·         Life Insurance:
Affinity groups and financial institutions can strengthen their relation with their valued members and customers by offering them ACE life insurance, traditional life insurance coverage products and saving protections.

·         Reinsurance:
ACE Group provides wide range of reinsurance products to diverse range of primary property and casualty insurance providers and life insurance companies.

·         Solutions For Small and Medium and Small-sized Enterprises:
ACE Group provides effective solutions for medium and small-sized enterprises by offering package policies and customized of specialty products that meet their needs. 

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