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Friday, March 11, 2016

Allianz: originally started as its business as German Transport Insurer

Allianz was founded in Feb 5, 1890 A.D and originally started its business as a German transport insurer. Allianz operates in almost all continents as an international insurer. It has got deep root in its home market: Northern, Western and Southern Europe. Allianz is recognized as one of the leading international insurance company in Asia Pacific and Central & Eastern Europe. Last year in 2015, Allianz celebrated its successful journey of 125 years as 25th Anniversary.
Company Details:
Company Name                      : Allianz
Service Type                           : Insurance Service
Founded                                  : Feb 5, 1890 AD by Wilhelm Von Finck & Carl Von Thieme
Headquarter                            : Munich, Germany
Website/URL                          :
Allianz USA                           :

Allianz in the USA:
Allianz USA has made a strong history in the United States with experiences over 100 years. Here, Allianz customers can find products they need to plan for their retirement, smart investment, and protect their personal and commercial assets. Allianz family of companies in the United States includes:                                  
Allianz Global Assistance USA                                       Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
Allianz Global Investors                                                  Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York          Euler Hermes North America Insurance Company
PIMCO- Pacific Investment Management Company LLC

Allianz Values:
Allianz sets its common values that guides in dealing with its colleagues and customers. Here are some common values that helped Allianz to succeed in the international arena:
·         Caring:
Allianz has set a distinctive principle of caring people inside and outside the organization. Allianz invests in employees, which allows to strong and long-term relationship with its clients and brokers.

·         Connected:
Good co-ordination and collaboration within the team develops strong community network. Allianz makes an effort to develop close collaboration with in the team, where team can share their knowledge and expertise within the department as well as all other functional areas. This allows team to serve clients more effectively and efficiently.

·         Responsible:
Responsibility accountability is all what makes a business successful and incline upward. Allianz aims to be an accountable employer who deploys strong and professional team and act with integrity and professionalism towards all stakeholders. Allianz provides transparent service and maintains the highest ethical standards.

·         Excellent:
Allianz team strives to deliver excellent results to its clients and brokers. Allianz team makes an effort to review its daily activities and collect client’s feedbacks on daily basis. This helps Allianz to improve and deliver the best service to all stakeholders.

Industry Sectors:
Allianz provides multiline insurance service to diverse range of industries through its strong in more than 160 countries in the world. Some of industries Allianz effectively serving can be listed as below:
Aerospace & Defense                                                 Automotive sector
Aviation                                                                      Buildings & Construction
Chemicals & Petrochemicals                                       Farm & Ranch
Financial Services                                                       Food & Beverage
Healthcare                                                                   Heavy Industry
Hospitality                                                                  Manufacturing
Marine                                                                         Motion Pictures & Live Events
Oil & Gas                                                                    Pharmaceuticals
Power & Utilities                                                        Professional Services
Real Estate                                                                  Renewable Energy
Retail Sector                                                               Technology
Telecoms & Media                                                      Textiles Sector
Transport & Logistics                                                

Allianz Services:
Allianz offers a comprehensive range of insurance coverage services through a strong network in more than 160 countries in the world. Allianz delivers following insurance services package to its valued clients:
Allianz Risk Transfer                                                  Aviation & Aerospace
Captive Insurance Service                                          Claims Service
Energy Insurance                                                        Entertainment Insurance
Financial Lines Insurance                                           Global Programs
Key Account Management                                         Liability Insurance
Marine Insurance                                                        Mid-corporate Insurance
Property Insurance                                                      Risk Consulting
Space Insurance

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