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Friday, March 11, 2016

Allstate Insurance Company: currently providing its insurance products to nearly 16 million households



Allstate Insurance Company is a largest publicly held insurance company that is continuously providing property and casualty insurance service in America.  It is currently providing its insurance products to nearly 16 million households. Allstate was established in 1931 A.D, started as a publicly traded company in 1993 A.D, and finally got fully independent in 1995 A.D. Allstate is listed on the NYSE under the trading symbol ALL and is widely known through the slogan “You’re In Good Hands with Allstate”.
Allstate is a wide network of small business houses and a trusted team of advisors across the country, which is providing total household solutions, financial security solutions, and delivers a best class customer service. Allstate Corporation believes to help families protect their important things through its insurance products and services. It has been successful to improve the quality of life of millions of Americans through its corporate responsibilities initiative and commitment it has made to communities. It is also growing its numbers of agencies, consumers’ offerings, and has been successful to retain its positive influence on the society.
Allstate Insurance Company is a strong team of 75000 members composed of agency owners, employees, and staffs. Here, 56% of employees are women and 33% of employees are from minority community. Allstate began its transformation to a more customer-focused company, seven years ago. It introduced its shared vision, values, and priorities to make its working team more competitive for the dynamic market.
Company Details:
Company Name:         Allstate Insurance Company
Service              :         Insurance Service
Founded            :         1965 A.D. by Gerald D. Stephens
Headquarter      :         2775 Sanders Road, Northbrook, IL 60062
Website URL    :

Strategic Vision:
Allstate Insurance Company has a strategic vision to deliver substantially great value to its customers than the competition in the market by re-inventing the service of protection and retirement to improve or uplift the customers’ lives.

Corporate Goal:
Allstate Insurance Company has a corporate goal to create a long-term value by serving its stakeholders, accepting appropriate risks, and retaining a positive leverage out of its capabilities and strategic assets.

·         Honesty, caring, and integrity
·         Engagement
·         Inclusive Diversity
·         Accountability
·         Superior Performance

·         Customer Focused
·         Operational Excellence
·         Enterprise Risk and Return
·         Sustainable Growth
·         Capital Management

Allstate’s Culture:
High performance, challenging and collaborative working environment of Allstate Insurance Company encourages innovative thinking, individual accountability, continuous learning, and improvements. It believes to provide a good and effective platform to its employees, respects employees’ efforts and approaches, and reward its employees for giving their best for organizational success.

Allstate’s Products and Services:
Customers can access all the Allstate’s insurance products and services from independent agencies, Allstate agencies, and Allstate exclusive financial representative. Customers can also access all its products and services from its registered website “” Allstate Insurance Company has approximately 12000 agencies and financial representatives in US and Canada. Here are some Allstate insurance products that customers can access:
1.      Auto Insurance:
Allstate car insurance provides you a quality insurance service at a great price. Here, every policy comes with great customer service from knowledgeable and friendly Allstate agents. Allstate agent will guide you through every car insurance policy, find your closer needs for insurance, and provide you a favorable policy.

2.      Home Insurance:
Allstate Insurance Company offers homeowners insurance policy to its customers, which can help them protect their home from inside and outside. Allstate Insurance Company has skilled and dedicated agents who will guide you through insurance policy, listen to your interest, and finds you an appropriate solution that meets your needs, and let you know what your policy covers.

3.      Renters Insurance:
Home is a place where you keep the things that has importance to you. Therefore, to help you in this situation, Allstate Insurance Company has come up with Renters Insurance, which will help you to protect your important stuffs from uncertain risks or from your rentals. This insurance coverage is dependable and affordable, as it costs lesser than one might think. You can add additional policy to it to protect your finances against some unexpected risks.

4.      Condominium Insurance:
Allstate Insurance Company provides you a quality protection for your condo or townhouse through condominium insurance policy. This policy covers protection for your belongingness and yourself. You can add additional policy along with it to protect against bigger issues. Allstate agents will guide you related queries more clearly.

5.      Motorcycle Insurance:
Now you can enjoy a long ride with motorcycle in your summertime or wintertime. Allstate Insurance Company has launched motorcycle insurance policy to protect you and your motorcycle. Make a visit to Allstate agents, they will let you understand more clearly about this policy and let you know how you can take advantage of it.

6.      Business Insurance:
As a owner you invest on your business and do all your best to give plus result to your business. As a owner, you may experience many risks and uncertainties in your business. Allstate Insurance Company provides business insurance to cover these risks and uncertainties.   Certified business agents from Allstate will guide with this policy and let you know how you can benefit from it.

7.      Life Insurance:
Allstate Insurance Company offers a life insurance service to protect your life against unexpected risks. Allstate insurance also provides some financial security. This insurance policy may cover medical bills, mortgage, or rent, college tuition, and many other living expenses. Allstate agents can help you sort out an appropriate plan that suits your expected policy. Allstate life insurance includes followings products; find your best out of it.
·         Term Life Insurance
·         Universal Life Insurance
·         Whole Life Insurance

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