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Friday, March 11, 2016

American Transit Insurance Company: commercial automobile liability and insurance on physical damages risks

aitc top insurance company

American Transit Insurance Company is a leading insurance company of New York that offers automobile insurance service with specialization in trade and public automobile sector. ATIC is a licensed insurance company that has an industry experience of more than 40 years in insurance carrier under property and casualty insurance service. ATIC mainly serves with commercial automobile liability and insurance on physical damages risks such as taxicabs, company fleets, black cars, and other commercial livery vehicles.
Company Details:
Company Name        : American Transit Insurance Company
Service                        : Insurance Service
Address                      : One Metro Tech Center, Seventh floor Brooklyn, New York 11021
Contact No.                : (212) 857-8200 
Fax                              : (212) 857-8254
Website/URL             :
ATIC is one of the most enduring and respected insurance company with business operations centered in Brooklyn and its corporate headquarters in Manhattan. It also has a satellite office in Freeport, Long Island. It actively provides some specialized coverage service for the livery vehicles and commercial auto industry through a vast network of regional brokers organized to follow a long-standing business model based on faith and trust, responsive customer service, competitive pricing and retaining the value of personal relationship. ATIC is committed to a business model based on traditional broker and is proud to find the values of:
·         Strong Broker Relationships
·         Excellent Customer Service
·         Un-paralleled Claims Handling
·         Outstanding Legal Representation
As a leader in this particular niche market, ATIC has developed a strong, powerful, and growing network of brokers that has expanded all over New York State.

Management Team and Leadership:
Senior Management
Edward T. McGettigan, Jr.
President and CEO
Michael Castronovo
Chief Operating Officer
Susan Baksh
Director of No-Fault
Richard T. Carroll
Vice President
John Poklemba, Esq.
General Counsel
Mike Duignan
Director of Underwriting
Ralph Bisceglia
Chris Ryan
Chief Financial Officer
Mike Duignan
Director of Underwriting
Cormac Synnott
Manager of Claims

Products and Services:
1.      Taxi:
The yellow taxicab with its recognizable bright paint has been a popular symbolic code of New York City throughout the 20th century. Now, there are hybrid vehicles on the road, and the recent launch of green outer-borough taxicabs has further diversified the taxi industry. The continuous improvement in the technology has improved the standard and the customer service as it presents convenient features like credit card readers, GPS, and many other standard features.  Although, there has been a great change over few years, ATIC has remained as a leading insurance company for providing valued insurance coverage to taxi service industry in New York City. The owners/drivers, individual owners/designated drivers can subscribe their insurance coverage service package from the selected brokers of ATIC. 

2.      Car service:
The car service insurance coverage insures the non-medallion licensed livery vehicles for those individual owners/drivers who owns and operates their vehicles within the area of New York City. The car service line of business provides insurance coverage service to both community cars and green taxis. This line of business includes the platinum car program, which is a premier car service that ATIC provides.  

·         Community Cars:
Community cars are vehicles for private passengers that provide pre-arranged transportation service in the New York City through the five boroughs. A community car must be attached with radio base communication as per the authority of New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.

·         Car Service- Platinum Cars:
The platinum car service is a premier car service class that ATIC provides within the New York City. Vehicles under this insurance coverage service must be attached with a radio base communication as per the authority of New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.

·         Green Taxis:
The green taxi was introduced in 2013, intended to serve the street-hail customers outside areas of Manhattan. The green taxis are underwritten under two lines of business of ATIC: car service and CAP livery.

3.      CAP Livery:

The CAP livery program offers a livery insurance coverage service to the operators in the New York City and those who drives out of the city as well. The policyholder with a good driving records and favorable loss histories needs to provide a reduced premium for this insurance coverage service. Under this policy, ATIC offers following services:
·         New York City(NYC), CAP Livery
·         Green Taxis
·         Beyond NYC, CAP Livery
·         Car service- Platinum cars

4.      CAP Commercial Auto:
This program of ATIC offers insurance coverage service for used by skilled trade people who earns income by performing improvement in installation, delivery or maintenance services at commercial locations and new construction sites. The five boroughs throughout the state of New York City write this policy and provide insurance services for business owned by individuals or by a corporation.
Some typical types of business operations covered under CAP commercial auto program includes auto parts, cleaning service, appliance delivery, carpenters, electricians, flooring, fence installation, carpet cleaning and installation, furniture delivery, janitorial/ maintenance service, general contractor, landscapers, nurseries, pest control specialist, painters, refrigeration, plumbing, roofers, drywall, and vending machine repairers.

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