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Friday, March 11, 2016

Harford Mutual Insurance Company: offer innovative insurance products in competitive prices exceptional services to its customers

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The Harford Mutual Insurance Company was founded in Harford Country in 1842. Since then, it is continuously providing property and casualty insurance services to a regional Market. It offers tailored coverage service coupled with claims service. It provides its fast, fair, and responsive service through independent insurance agent. Harford Mutual Insurance Company has served its customers with its valuable insurance products and services for more than 170 years. During this period, Harford Mutual Insurance Company improved its customer service, added variety of insurance product and became successful to attract the large American market. Harford Mutual Insurance Company has been successful to meet the changing needs of its customers with its commitment to provide fast personal service, fair claims handling, and an effective and innovative insurance products. Harford Mutual Insurance Company has been ranked as ‘A (Excellent), Financial Size VIII’ by a leading financial rating organization, A.M. Best Company.
Company Details:
Company Name          : Harford Mutual Insurance Company
Service                        : Insurance Service
Founded                      : 1842 in Harford Country
Head Office                : 200 North Main Street, Bel Air, Maryland 21014-3544
Website/URL              : www.harfordmutual.com

Harford Mutual Insurance Company has made its mission to provide property and casualty insurance products to a regional market. It has made an effort to acknowledge their policyholders that they are with financially strong and established insurance company, which facilitates them with completely secured environment where they can conduct their business and other personal operations.

Management Team:
Board of Directors
Stephen T. Scott 
Donald C. Fry
Albert J. Mezzanotte, Jr.
Clarence C. Boyle, Jr.
Steven D. Linkous Spencer M. Roman
Atwood Collins, III
Robert D. McDorman
Abigail E. Smith

Steven D. Linkous
President & CEO
John D. Goodin 
President, Underwriting
June A. Poole
Vice President & Treasurer
Robert F. Ohler
Vice President  
Frank P. Kellner, III
Vice President, Claims and Corporate Secretary
Jeffrey S. Rink 
Vice President
, Marketing & 
Business Development
Stephen F. Fabian
Vice President
, Chief Information Officer
Karen Mashinski, CPA, CPCU 
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Kenneth G.Thompson
Assistant Vice President
, Finance & Controller

Harford Mutual Insurance Company is currently conducting its operations in following states:
·         Delaware
·         District of Columbia
·         Maryland
·         New Jersey
·         North Carolina
·         Pennsylvania
·         Tennessee
·         Virginia
In 1988, Harford Mutual Insurance Company formed Harford Group, Inc., a downstream holding company. It also owned Firstline National Insurance Company, which is a stock insurance company. Firstline National Insurance Company is used to write special program under insurance business and provides alternative pricing on other insurance business, which is subject to underwriting guidelines.

Products and Services:
Harford Mutual Insurance Company strives to offer innovative insurance products in competitive prices exceptional services to its customers:
·         Commercial Products:
o    Commercial Automobiles:
This insurance product is designed to cover the physical damage and liability of business-owned vehicles.

o   Commercial Business Owners:
This insurance product is designed for small and medium sized business owners.

o   Commercial Crime:
This insurance products covers insurance against crime related perils such as theft, burglary, and robbery of property.

o   Commercial General Liability:
Commercial General Liability can be written as a part of a package or even as a separate insurance policy to protect your business from contractual exposures and assorted liability.

o   Commercial Inland Marine:
Miscellaneous property usually in an insured’s operation can be written as an inland marine to pick up the on and off premises exposures for business.

o   Commercial Package:
A multi-line insurance policy that insured can add to meet the business needs.

o   Commercial Property:
A business property can be written as a part of package or a separate policy on a scheduled or blanket basis. An enhancement endorsement (ACE) can also be added to extend the insurance coverage.

o   Commercial Umbrella:
Commercial Umbrella provides increased limits to the limits provided by commercial auto, general liability, and employer’s liability.

·         Employment Related Liability:
This insurance coverage is written to cover the employment related liability exposures of business.

·         Worker’s Compensation:
It covers the lost wages and medical expenses for employees injured during the job.

Specialty Programs:
Harford Mutual Insurance Company offers variety of specialty programs to its customers.
·         BOP Horizon Restaurant Program
·         BOP Horizon Restaurant Plus Program
·         Commercial Package Policy
·         Arbor Expert Insurance Program

Fraud Awareness Program:

Harford Mutual Insurance Company conducts fraud awareness programs to combat the fraud problems that are continually increasing in this industry. It keeps close surveillance not only during the claim process by the insured and during claimant, but also towards the fraud committed by the health care providers, agents, vendors, and even the internal employees of Harford Mutual Insurance Company so that right person can benefit from the service. Harford Mutual Insurance Company conducts the anti-fraud plan under the supervision of Company Fraud Coordinator.

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