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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company: A member of Tokio Marine Group

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company is a leading insurance company that serves customers with innovative and employee benefit solutions, which include group term life insurance and disability income, fully integrated absence management and a voluntary coverage options. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company markets all these solutions through agents and independent brokers to employers of all sizes. Reliance Standard provides its insurance products and services in all states of US except the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. In the New York, Reliance Standard provides its products and services through First Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, which has its home office at New York, N.Y.
Reliance Standard together with its sister companies Safety National Casualty Corporation and Matrix Absence Management, Inc. is a leading company in managing all the aspects of employee absence to enrich the productivity of its clients. Reliance Standard is a member of Tokio Marine Group.
Company Details:
Company Name          : Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company
Service                        : Insurance Service
Headquarter                : 2001, Market Street, suite 1500, Philadelphia, PA19103
Website URL              :
Products and Services:
1.      Employee Benefits:
It is important to choose the right benefits for your business and your employees. Reliance Standard provides you line of products from where you can choose the best fit for your organization. Here, you can choose combinations of service for employee’s benefits at an affordable price to protect your business and employees interests from all kinds of risks. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company understands that time is valuable and your management team has more things to do than just managing your employees’ benefits. This is why Reliance Standard has created group coverage for a full range of disability, life, and dental and eye care benefits. Under the employee benefits category Reliance Standard offers following services:
·         Group Long Term Disability
·         Group Short Term Disability
·         Group Term Life/AD&D
·         Group Dental Vision
·         RSL Smart Choice
·         Business Travel Accident
·         Value Added Service

2.      Absence Solutions:
The right absence management monitors and motivates the employees, coordinates benefits and helps managers to accelerate a safe and healthy return to work. Reliance Standard’s Absence Solution can help to save time and cost with the help of fully integrated source. Reliance Standard underwrites both short-term and long-term disability coverage. Matrix Absence Management integrates all coverage solutions with federal and state laws in each state where clients operate the business. Matrix Absence Management also provides intake service, clinical case management, and web-deployment tools that facilitate safety and productivity. Reliance Standards offers following services under absence solution category:
·         STD/LTD Management
·         FMLA Management
·         Total Absence Management
·         Administrative Solution Only
·         aLEAVEiate
·         RSL Leave Manager

3.      Voluntary Benefits:
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company understands that as no two families alike, no two businesses can be the same. That is why all Reliance Standard employee benefits coverage is available as Contributory, 100% employee paid option, or employer paid. This means that as your business objects changes along with the growth or positive change in the budget, your business can offer high quality employee benefits programs to attract and retain the valuable employees. Reliance Standards keeps enrollment specialists and account manager close to your workshop so that they can help you improve the results and add value to your organization. Reliance Standard offers you a flexible online enrollment and integrates with your platform. Some valuable services under voluntary benefits category are:
·         Short and Long Term Disability
·         Group Term Life
·         AD&D
·         Critical Illness
·         Group Accident
·         Group Dental & Vision

4.      Dental and Vision:
·         Group Dental Care:
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company offers varieties of dental programs to meet the requirements of groups with 10 or even more lives. Group Dental Care offers not only flexible plans but also a stand-alone coverage or part of a package that are with other employee benefits. The managed care plane helps to reduce the costs for those insured groups by encouraging them to visit the PPO network dentists. Voluntary dental plan allows employees to pay for employee benefits with pre-tax dollars.   

·         Group Vision Care:
Reliance Standard offers varieties of flexible vision and cost effective plans tailored to meet the needs of employee groups with 10 or even more lives. The group vision care plans can also be written either as a stand-alone coverage or as a part of the package that are available with other employee benefits. A comprehensive medical test of an eye can detect numerous health conditions of employees including glaucoma, diabetes, and high blood pressure. This can help in enhancing your employees’ group vision.

5.      Stop Loss Solution:
RSL Risk Solutions offered by Reliance Standard is a flexible program of a group stop-loss insurance, which is designed to help employers to maximize their control in health care spending. It offers both individual risks and aggregate risks stop-loss coverage for employee groups as low as 50 lives. Stop-loss coverage plan offered by Reliance Standard is available for medical plans, which includes those employee benefits with accompanying dental plans and prescription plans. It offers the employers the ability to gain benefit of self-insurance while mitigating their risks.

6.      Limited Benefit Medical:
An employer used to face two choices when thinking about the medical benefits; a comprehensive employer paid medical plan or choose no plan at all. However, as per the inception of PPACA, some employers cannot avoid the medical insurance plan. Limited Benefit Medical plans can provide you powerful tools for recruiting as well as retaining employees in some condition where even traditional medical benefits are either not available for offering or if they are not affordable. Limited Benefit Medical plans can also be helpful in increasing the productivity by reducing the absenteeism.  

7.      Annuities:
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company offers two types of annuities service for all those safety-conscious investors.
·         Traditional Fixed Annuities
·         Fixed Index Annuities

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