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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

what Operating System do you have installed in your pc?

Operating system is a system software that runs on a computer. Computer without operating system is just a useless box with hardware components that cannot operate in any way. It needs operating system that operates the hardware components, memory, processing system, and all other application and utility software. Operating system allows user to communicate with computer without knowing any programming language.
Operating software manages and coordinates all the hardware components, CPU, memory, and other application software so that user can easily execute the desired programs. Modern operating systems use GUI that allows user to easily run programs by clicking in the Icons, tabs, menus and buttons. There are various operating systems available in the market. Computers are also preloaded with popular operating systems. Operating systems available in the market differs from one to another in terms of properties, user interface, design or looks. This is why; user cannot easily shift from one operating system to another. Before selecting the operating system, user need to keep following points in mind:
·         User Interface
·         Design
·         Scalability
·         Security
·         Technology
There are many operating systems available in the market. Some popular operating system available in the market can be listed below:
1.      Windows 7
2.      Windows 8/8.1
3.      UBUNTU 14.X (Linux)
4.      Windows XP
5.      OPEN SUSE (Linux)
6.      MAC OS
7.      Windows 10
8.      GOOGLE CHROME OS (Linux)
9.      FREEBSD (Unix)
10.  Solaris 10 (Unix)

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