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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top Laptop brands in the Market

A laptop, often called as a notebook, is a highly portable pc with a smart look. Since, it occupies minimal space and has low weight around 1.5 kg, it can be carried to any place. There was a distinction between notebooks and laptops as of 2014 due to difference in size and weight. But now no longer these differences exist between laptops and notebooks. Laptops are multifunctional and can be commonly used almost in almost in every field.
The modern laptops and notebooks are inbuilt with webcams, microphones, rechargeable battery, speaker and many other components that are not readily available in the desktop computers. The industrial revolution and technological advancement has increased the significance, scope and demand of laptop in the market.  The major manufacturer in the market includes:
1.      Hewlett-Packard:
Hewlett-Packard Company popularly known as HP is a globally recognized leading information technology company. It was founded in 1 Jan 1939. Hewlett-Packard is publicly traded American company and it’s headquarter is located at Palo Alto, California. It is also traded in NYSE as HPQ. As per the record of 2nd Quarter 2015, 302000 peoples are employed at Hewlett Packard. In 1st Nov 2015, it was split into two publicly traded companies: HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprises. Its products occupy 20.1% shares in the market. Its valued product line includes:
HP Pavilion                 HP Omnibook             HP Elitebook              HP Envy
HP OMEN                  HP Mini         
2.      Lenovo:
Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company that falls under computer hardware and electronics industry. It has it’s headquarter at Beijing, China. It was founded in 1984 and was also incorporated in 1988 in Hong Kong. 2015 records say that more than 60000 peoples are employed at Lenovo Company. Lenovo was the largest PC vendor of the world in 2014. Lenovo products occupy 17.5% shares in the world market. Lenovo valued product line includes:
ThinkPad                     IdeaPad                       3000 Series
3.      Dell:
Dell Inc. is a privately owned computer technology company of America. It is American multinational company and has it’s headquarter at Round Rock, Texas, United States. Dell was founded by Michael Dell in 1st Feb 1984. More than 108,800 peoples are employed at Dell Inc.  Dell sells wide range of products lines which includes PCs, servers, network switches, data storage devices, software, HDTVs, computer peripherals, cameras, printers, electronics, and MP3 players produced by other manufacturers. It occupies 12.3% shares in the world market. Its valued product line includes:
Inspiron           Latitude          Precision          Studio             Vostro             XPS
Studio XPS     Alienware
4.      Asus:
Asus is a publicly traded leading multinational company of Taiwan. It is headquartered at Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.  Asus was founded by T.H. Tung in 1989.  As per record of 2013 more than 21361 peoples are employed at Asus.  Its major product line includes: smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop & all-in-one PCs, Eee line, Essentio series, digital media receivers, GPS devices, Republic of Gamers, graphics cards, sound cards, ASUS VivoPC Line, and portable Monitors. It occupies 11.0% shares in the world market. Its laptops series includes:
Asus Eee         Zenbook          ROG Series                 Asus N                        Asus X                       
Asus                Chromebook
5.      Acer:
Acer Inc. is multinational companies of Taiwan specialized in hardware and advanced electronics technology. It is headquartered at Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It was founded as multitech company by Stan Shih et al in 1976. The record as of 2013 says that more than 7384 peoples are employed at Acer Inc. The major products includes: desktop, laptop, servers, notebook, tablet computer, Smartphone, handhelds, monitor, storage, LCD & Plasma, LED, video projector, and e-business services. It occupies 10.0% shares of world market. Acer’s laptop series includes:
TravelMate      Extensa           Aspire              Gateway          Packard Bell
Acer Chromebook
6.      Apple:
Apple Inc. is a publicly traded multinational technology company of America. It is headquartered at Cupertino, California. It was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in 1st April 1976. More than 115,000 peoples are employed at Apple Inc. as per the data of 2015. The major Apple product lines include: computer software, computer hardware, consumer electronics, and digital distributions. Apple Inc. occupies 9.3% shares of the world market. Apple’s series of laptop products include:
MacBook Air              MacBook Pro              Macbook
7.      Toshiba:
Toshiba Corporation is a publicly traded multinational conglomerate corporation of Japan. It is headquartered at Tokyo, Japan. It was founded as Tokyo Toshiba Electric K.K. in 1938 and officially the name of company was changed to Toshiba Corporation in 1978.  Toshiba Corporation’s product line includes: Electronics, social infrastructure, semiconductors, computer hardware, home appliances, medical equipments, electrical equipments, office equipments, elevators & escalators, lightings, etc. As per the record of 2015, more than 198,741 peoples are employed at Toshiba Corporation. It laptop products occupies 6.6% shares of world market. Toshiba Corporation’s series of laptop products include:
Dynabook       Portege            Tecra   Satellite          Qosmio            Libretto

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