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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Why you need Antivirus program installed in your PC?

Antivirus software is software programmed to prevent the computer data and applications from attack of miscellaneous programs that can destroy other useful data and programs. Antivirus programs are also called as anti-malware software. A user uses antivirus software to detect and remove the miscellaneous programs from computer system.
antivirus softwares
Why does one need antivirus software in this technology arena?
After the invention of computer and web 2.0 application, many business houses have upgraded its operation with internet technology. This may be because they want reach the mass customers, grab the new market opportunities, increase the market size, management effectiveness or to maintain good customer relationship. Many business organizations, financial institutions, multi-national companies, etc are installing WLAN these days to maintain good coordination between the departments and for smooth flow of information.
There are numbers of business houses, individual firms, domestic firm, multinational firms, etc operating similar business under the same industry. Many new firms are also establishing day by day. This is bringing throat-cut competition in the market. Every organization prepares their success plan and business strategy to achieve their goal. These may be their business blueprint or business secret, which brings uniqueness in their operation, and help them to remain in the top of leading companies as a business tycoon. To protect these valuable information, organizations prepares privacy policy and register a patient right. Some organizations also prepare a destructive programs called virus to protect valuable information from unauthorized access. There are also some groups of intruders, hackers, and destructive programmers that prepares destructive programs to destroy the computer data and files. They prepares these programs for unauthorized access, crack the software programs, online banking attacks, and many other reasons. In 2013, Antivirus firms had reported samples of new malware ranging from 300000 to 500000 per day.
An individual needs antivirus software to protect valuable information and data files stored in computer network from an intruders, hijackers and destructive programs. Antivirus softwares are created to protect the valuable data from BHOs, ransomware, backdoors, browser hijackers, keyloggers, rootkits, worms, torjan horses, dialers, malicious LSPs, adware, fraudtools, and spyware. Some antivirus software also protects from computer threats such as malicious URLs, scam, spam, phishing attacks, online banking attacks, online identity (privacy), Advance Persistent Threats, Social Engineering Techniques, and Botnet DDoS attacks.
There are several antivirus software available in the market. Some of the popular antivirus softwares are:
Avast                           Microsoft                    ESET               Symantec
AVG                           Avira                           Kaspersky       McAfee
Panda                          Trend Micro               

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