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Friday, July 14, 2017

Earning Online Income from Home

PTC (Paid to Click) sites are online web platforms strongly created for drawing online traffics for the business sites that demands hits, likes, views, and referrals to their sites. PTC sites acts as an intermediary between advertiser (publisher) and customers (ad viewers). Here, advertisers can display their ads and if these ads are clicked and viewed by the viewers, their websites will get maximum numbers of hits. In return advertisers need to pay the ads displaying cost to the PTC site owners. PTC sites can also be an opportunity for peoples aiming to earn online working from their home just by viewing the ads placed in the sites.
There are numbers of PTC sites available in the market. Before entering in the PTC market you need to spend your great deal of time to find the best and legitimate PTC sites. This is because, there are numbers of PTC sites available in the market that are making high promise, placing lucrative earning policy, but are not paying  really. In other words, they are scam PTC sites.  So, we have make this effort to help in make your risk-free decision.

Now, what you have to do is just to follow the step by step process, and you will see increasing $$$ in your corresponding PTC accounts.

Step 1:
Create Gmail account: your Gmail account will be used to create/ register your account in PTC sites. So, register your Gmail account and activate it. Save your Gmail ID and Password in safe place.

Step 2:
Click on the PTC links below and register your account: Don’t forget to save your ID and Password of your corresponding PTC accounts in a safe place.

Log into your account and click daily ads: Remember you should view maximum ads to maximize your earnings, or if not possible you should view at least 5 daily ads so that you can earn from your daily ads. If not, your referral earnings will not be added to your account for that particular day.

Duplicate your earnings: Refer your account links to your friends, colleagues, and relatives to join under you. You will be earning commission for every active referral. When your referral will view the advertisement, certain portion of their earnings as agreed by the PTC site, will be added to your account.

PTC sites falls among latest invention in the information technology that offers digital media to publish their ads and maximize their viewers. It also offers a platform for the peoples aiming to earn online by viewing the ads published on the PTC sites. Many peoples have already joined PTC sites. And most of them have left without recovering their first payout. This may be because they want to move alone, they have not yet understand the complete process, or they may have entered to scam sites. Not all PTC sites are scam. But the things to remember is that you should first review the sites before you enter into it. Do not upgrade your membership package unless you withdraw your first payment. After your first payment you can upgrade your membership plan and maximize your earnings.

See our next post to know rating of PTC Sites 2017.

!!Wish You All Best of Luck!!

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